: Why Modular v Site construction?

Answer:  Modular building is the modern way to create and deliver high quality homes and buildings.  The homes are completed faster because we have everything taken care of before the home goes into production. The plans are set, materials are taken care of and the team are in place. Building modules in the factory allows us to work year-round increasing productivity. Homes can be completed in terms of weeks rather than months. 

The price savings for the construction business and end owners are therefore considerable.


Question:  Where are the savings when building using modular home construction vs. 100% site-built?

Answer The savings occurs in material costs and time, which also equates to ££. We purchase the same materials found in 100% site-built homes. The fact that we can purchase material in bulk allows for a discount we can pass on to you. The largest savings, however, comes from time saving and the ability to deliver all year round.

Question:  What is a Modular build in the UK?

Answer:  For the UK it is one of the modern methods of construction to address the critical shortage of homes and accommodation in the country.

Sir Ed Lister, Chairman of Homes England, “We will take the lead in delivering better quality homes and great places that set the bar high for others. We will also stimulate demand for Modern Methods of Construction and ultimately disrupt the housing market”.

At the basis of our patented technology we use a galvanised light steel “skeleton” to construct a sustainable, very strong canvas to build your solution on. 

Question:  Are your solutions “green?”

Answer:  Yes.  We use green, recycled, environmentally friendly and sustainable products throughout our range of solutions.

Question:  What types of designs are available?

Answer:  We have a catalogue of off the shelf designs that act as a guide for our clients.  With our in-house design team we have the capability to turn your design into a reality.

Question:  What type of foundation can we have with your modular homes?

Answer:  Exactly the same options as with site-building: any foundation you want, such as the most common concrete and piers.  For certain solutions there will be cost savings as a full concrete foundation will not be required.

Question:  I’m not sure about importing from Europe/elsewhere?

Answer:  We are logistic experts and transport our solutions around the world.  Get in touch with the team and we’ll talk you through the options.

We have project teams in the UK ready to build and work with you to achieve success.


Question:  Can modular solutions be built to withstand hurricanes and earthquakes?

Answer:  There are no structures that are guaranteed to withstand environmental disasters/nature however we build our solutions to be seismic resistant to earthquake Richter scale 9.0

Question:  Do your modular homes come with a warranty?

AnswerYes.  Each solution comes with a warranty based on what is delivered.

Question:  Can you finance my project?

Answer:  Get in contact with the team and we’ll look at different options to get your project started.