Homes England


A new national housing agency – Homes England – has today (11 January 2018) been launched by Housing Secretary Sajid Javid as one of the key steps towards delivering the homes the country needs.

As the successor to the Homes and Communities Agency, Homes England will drive forward change, as set out in the government’s housing white paper.

By bringing together their existing planning expertise and new land buying powers, the new agency will play a major role in securing land in areas where people want to live, support smaller and more innovative house builders into the market and resource brownfield sites from across the country to deliver homes for families.

Homes England will play a major role in fixing the housing market by helping to deliver an average of 300,000 homes a year by the mid-2020s.

300,000 homes a year being built by 2025 is a big statement and quite a large figure to be throwing around a system that barely supports half of that (in 2016 147,960 finished builds).  300,000 takes us back to the early 1970s when Government strategy was building houses at that rate - well, building very poor, ill conceived houses ..... .  We like a good challenge, add Brexit - Europe - Trump/Rest of the world and it looks like we have a proper contest in the making.

Let's hope we don't make the same mistakes when pumping life into the housing market.  At the core of this needs to be (all) people focussed, quality driven homes that meet and exceed expectations.

Stephen McQueenie